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Download OneNote: Creating a Bullet Journal-Style Notebook

The Bullet Journal®, originated by designer Ryder Carroll, is an analog productivity system that helps you organize and prioritize your tasks more effectively, as well as mind the “why” behind each item on your to-do list. In this course, OneNote MVP Heather Severino shows how to create and maintain a …

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Download Illustrator CC 2019 One-on-One Advanced

Discover how to be the best Adobe Illustrator user you know. This comprehensive, project-based course is the second in a series of three courses by industry pro Deke McClelland. In this course, Deke doesn’t just talk about how to leverage different Illustrator features—he ties each concept to a clearly-defined task,... …

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Download Selling and Marketing Your Products on Amazon

You’ve already done the hard part—creating a product that customers will love. In this course, learn how to successfully shepherd that product into one of the internet’s most bustling marketplaces: Amazon. Ryan Mulvany—the founder of Quiverr, a top Amazon brand management and marketing agency—serves as your guide, showing you each... …

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Download Introduction to SAP OpenUI5 Apps

If you’ve wondered how to build an app that is platform independent, adjusts to any screen size, and is secure and robust, then the user-friendly OpenUI5 programming system is for you. Learn how to build your first mobile app with OpenUI5, in this quick one-hour course. Find out how to... …

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Download Learning Excel Online (Office 365)

With Excel Online, you can create, view, edit, and share workbooks directly in your web browser. In this course, instructor Joshua Rischin starts with a quick tour of Excel Online, showing the unique features of the online app and the differences from the desktop version. Next, Joshua shows how to... …

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Download Lynda – The Practicing Photographer

In The Practicing Photographer, photographer and teacher Ben Long shares a weekly serving of photographic instruction and inspiration. Each installment focuses on a photographic shooting scenario, a piece of gear, or a software technique. Each one concludes with a call to action designed to inspire you to pick up your camera... …

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Download Pinterest and Google plus Strategies for Business

What you’ll learn Learn how Pinterest and Google + are different from other social media platformsLearn how to use Pinterest and Google plusLearn what matters on Pinterest and Google plusLearn How Pinterest worksLearn how to grow your Pinterest presenceLearn how Google plus worksLearn how to share and create a Google …

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Download How to Become a Freelance Videographer

What you’ll learn Start running their own profitable videography business enabling them to have a great creative, lifestyle businessLearn what equipment you will need, how to get out and start your business, what kind of clients to expect to deal with, trade secrets to get you profitable and respected in... …

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Download Build A Successful Website Using WordPress

In This Course You’ll Discover: How To Plan For Successful WebsiteHow to Set Up Your Domain Name & Hosting AccountHow To Install & Set Up WordPressHow To Install a WordPress TemplateHow To Design Your Website Using The Most Popular WordPress Theme DIVIHow To Add More Features & Functionality Including Adding... …

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