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Download Python Application Series: Machine Learning using Tensorflow

The following 10 topics will be covered through a combination of lecture and hands-on to maximize your mastery of machine learning using Tensorflow: Introducing Tensorflow. This first topic in the Machine Learning using Tensorflow series introduces you to the world of Tensorflow. Learn about the history of Tensorflow, Tensorflow’s architecture,... …

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Download Python Application Series: Python Made Simple

The following 14 topics will be covered through a combination of lecture and hands-on to maximize your learning of the Python language: Introducing Python. This first topic in the Python Made Simple series introduces you to the world of Python. Learn the history of Python, Python core features, and how... …

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Download Amazon web Services and Docker Development

You want to learn something powerful? Docker is here! No matter what your experience level, Using Docker on Amazon Web Service (AWS) will get you up and running with Docker containers, dockerfiles, image repositories (through both Docker Hub and AWS’s EC2 Container Repository), and managing containers through the EC2 Container... …

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Download Database Series- The Definitive Guide to MySQL (and MariaDB)

Follow along with MySQL expert Victor Deras and master relational database constructs and MySQL (and MariaDB). Build powerful and robust relational databases after watching these 12 topics within the MySQL video series: Introducing MySQL. This first topic in the MySQL (and MariaDB) video series introduces you to this powerful open... …

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Download Machine Learning- Executive Briefing

Tech leaders need a fundamental understanding of the tools and technologies their teams use to build solutions. This course, Machine Learning: Executive Briefing, takes a fast-paced, practical, and pragmatic approach to Machine Learning. First, we’ll explore common cliches around Machine Learning and how they get in the way of learning.... …

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