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Download Video2brain Introducing PHP

PHP is the most popular server-side language used to build dynamic websites, and though it is not especially difficult to use, non-programmers often find it intimidating. This workshop from author and trainer David Powers is designed to change that by teaching you PHP through a series of clear, focused, easy-to-follow …

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Download video2brain Prelude CS6 Workshop

Today’s video technology makes it easier than ever to acquire enormous amounts of media, all of which needs to be ingested, managed, and organized in a way that is useful at every stage of post-production and distribution. Fortunately, Adobe Prelude CS6 provides users with a fast, easy interface for ingesting, …

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Download video2brain HTML5 for Beginners: Learn by Video

After getting an overview of HTML and CSS concepts, you’ll work along with author and trainer Sally Cox to create a blog site from scratch. Starting with the concept, you’ll proceed to build a wireframe and add text, images, a header, a nav bar, an interactive form, and even multimedia... …

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