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Download video2brain Prelude CS6 Workshop

Today’s video technology makes it easier than ever to acquire enormous amounts of media, all of which needs to be ingested, managed, and organized in a way that is useful at every stage of post-production and distribution. Fortunately, Adobe Prelude CS6 provides users with a fast, easy interface for ingesting, transcoding, duplicating, tagging, commenting, and communicating about media. In this course, video expert Maxim Jago introduces the core concepts of metadata management and tagging using Adobe XMP metadata. You’ll learn how to organize, ingest, transcode, tag, comment, subclip, and build a rough cut before sending media on to Premiere Pro for editing — the complete workflow with the new Adobe Prelude CS6.

Topics include:
– What Is Adobe Prelude?
– An Overview of the Interface
– Ingesting Media
– Managing Media in Prelude
– Creating Rough Cuts
– Adding Comments
– Sharing Clips and Rough Cuts Directly with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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