Mastering the BUOY Effect


Getting the word out about your website, business, or content can be tough. I would like to introduce a term I learned from Internet Income University called the BUOY Effect. This simple principle will not only make your online goals more focused and powerful, but help set you on the right track for an authoritative online presence.

Picture the internet as an ocean. All content begins at the bottom of the ocean. Each backlink of yours is like a small floating device. Your job is to create backlinks through articles, videos, networks, anchor text, and any other marketing methods to keep adding floating devices to your content. Picture the ocean surface as Google’s top search results page. Every backlink, in whatever form, that you add pointing to your content makes it rise higher and higher towards the surface. It’s that simple. Backlinks make you own more of the internet. When this happens, your content increases to the top.

Send your content to social networks, blogging sites, article sites, video sites, and anything in between. This will put it on other websites, and create powerful backlinks pointing search engines right back to the original source.

On the internet, you do not get paid for your efforts by time. You get paid on results. The key is consistency. The BUOY Effect is a long-term investment that will keep giving back to you long after you stop using it on a piece of content. It creates free traffic to your content and is not difficult, which is why I recommend it so highly. Mastering the BUOY Effect in your everyday process will give search engines no choice but to rank your content at the top. You are attaching floaties, and they take submerged content in one direction, up!

The BUOY Effect is a free traffic strategy, and any free traffic generation will typically have a fantastic ROI because it never disappoints. Paid advertisements are here today and gone tomorrow, but your backlinking and floatie tying is on the internet for good. You could abandon your content and still have a fantastic traffic flow to it, simply because you laid out a solid foundation.

Stay in your business long enough to see your efforts become worthwhile, and you will then have a thorough gratup on residual income and financial freedom. Much of it comes from laying out a thorough plan of action, distributing it on the internet, and the rest is set on autopilot. It all rides on mastering the BUOY Effect, and the immense power behind it.


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