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Download The 5-Figure Challenge $1297

A proven system for turning a 5-day challenge into a 5-figure launch. The 5-Figure Challenge includes over 15 checklists, workbooks and handouts to help you craft your challenge.It offers 35 videos to walk you through the 4 phases – so you can leverage your challenge and create a successful launch.This... …

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Download Seth Godin – The Marketing Seminar

An Akimbo workshop for marketers who want to grow.By learning the techniques proven to work in the modern world, you can do marketing that you’re proud of…because it’s ethical, generous, and effective. Learn how to:Tell stories to make change happen.Get clients, gain market share, and serve your audience.Position your service... …

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Download Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 2019

Learn Highly Futuristic Digital Marketing Technologies with Artificial IntelligenceWhat you’ll learn Be able to create augmented reality experiences with appsBe able to create numerous content articles with artificial intelligence techBe able to curate numerous content articles with artificial intelligence techKnow about a lead-gen platform to extract leads on the goKnow …

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Download Emotion Sells The Masterclass – Talia Wolf 2.47GB

Take The Guesswork Out Of High-Converting Websites Get the skills you need to achieve the record-breaking results you’ve always wanted and create websites people love to convert to. The only on-demand training program to show you how emotions move your unique customer to say ‘YES’ time after time. What if... …

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