Video SEO – The Secret Sauce to Rank on Google Front Page

Five Steps to success:

1. Identify your targeted niche and keywords. Google AdWords is the best way to do this. Take a look at how difficult it is going to be to rank in your chosen niche. Drill down until you find a sub-niche that you can dominate. For example if you want to dominate the keyword California Real Estate you are probably going to have a hard time. If you select San Francisco Bay area real estate – it probably is still not easy. But if you decided to rank for San Francisco Bay area waterfront condos you can likely be the dominant player. You can also see how much competition you have in that niche by conducting a simple search on YouTube.

2. Decide on the title and name the video file identically. – BIG TIP. Your title should carry your “long tail keyword” for example San Francisco Bay area waterfront condos – how to find the best value. Then name your video file exactly the same.

3. Write a great description. 300-500 words is ideal. Pepper the text with your chosen keywords (tags) and be sure you include the long tail keyword from your title in the first paragraph and then approximately every 100 words or so. Also include the keywords (tags) as a list in your description. Make sure your text reads and flows well… keyword stuffing is not something that will assist you in this process.

4. Select your keywords. You are going to rank for your long tail keyword first so choose carefully.

Finally get down to broad keywords which you will rank for over time.

5. Backlink. Make sure you are linking to the video from your websites, blogs, social media sites and get lots of sharing going on. It is up to you to create traffic initially with a solid back linking strategy. There are cloud based apps and programs that can assist with this activity.

With these 5 steps you can rank on the front page every time.

What you will find is that you can rank very quickly for a long tail keyword – the type you should use in your video title and then after a few days you will start ranking for the broad keywords.

Ultimately your backlink strategy should include press releases, articles social media posts, blogs and even something as simple as a link to your video in your email signature can generate valuable traffic for you.

The goal of course is to market a product, brand or company in the videos and so often times once we have ranked a video we are also looking to convert the video in to a sale or enquiry.

Thanks for reading.


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