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Secrets To Get Your Page Ranking First On Google


Everyone wants to get their page ranking on Google so that they may obtain fee traffic. This is the holy grail of internet marketing, FREE TRAFFIC.

A position 1 ranking. But let’s think about this in more detail, I have recently generated a page ranking on Google in position 9 for my selected keyword, initially I was ecstatic about this it was like ‘Yes! Mission accomplished’, but then dejection set in… Why was it only position 9 and not position 1? How could I get this higher?

Surely I could be at number 1 very soon. But the facts are that only one website or web page can rank at position 1 in Google at any one time. I had beaten 2,930,000 other web pages to reach a page ranking on Google of position 9 with some simple back linking and the correct titling and Meta tags on my website. I have no doubt with some more work I could improve this ranking.

So what are the alternatives, unless you know exactly what you are doing page 1 listings can be exceptionally time consuming to reach, so what are the alternatives? What about paid traffic? PPC with Google or banner advertising/ media buying. You could promote a video on You tube all of these are ways to generate traffic quickly to your website.

If you are considering a page ranking on Google then think about your back linking. Page Rank is very important, make sure you are linking from higher ranked websites. Facebook has a page rank of 10 which is considerably better than a page rank of 1 so make sure you generate back links from higher ranking pages, so get a link back to your website on Facebook, You Tube & Twitter as these social media sights rank highly and will improve your page ranking in Google.

In addition consider making a video as it is suggested that video will rank higher than the scripted word in Google, since today the web is being watched rather than read. So if you can turn your work into a video presentation, even if it is just a filmed power point this will again aid you in ranking higher with Google’s search engine. And by utilising keywords you can title your video so that it too is picked up by Google’s spider. I have often been able to get video ranking on page 1 of Google within 48 hours sometimes sooner, so this is definitely a strategy you should be using to aid your positioning n page 1 of Google.


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